Lola Crimson Character Sheet

Lola Crimson
  • Everyday behavior
  • Morning Routine: Busy cleaning the crypt.
  • Afternoon: Visiting the graveyard and those who are in the crypt.
  • Evening: Getting ready to do campfire stories.
  • Bedtime: Reads a book before falling asleep.
  • Name: Lola Crimson
  • Birthplace: Cresmere
  • Country: Sanbomayen
  • Occupation: Female Crypt Keeper
  • Birthday: 05-08-1971
  • Race: Oceanic Angel
  • Career: Campfire Storyteller
  • Talent: Shape Shifter
  • Status: Single
  • Parents: Lucas Crimson-Father, Lisa Hammond-Mother
  • Height: 5'6
  • Weight: 124 lbs
  • What is his/her body type (skinny, slim, athletic, curvy, overweight, muscular, etc.): Slim
  • Skin tone (pale, ivory, ruddy, tan, olive,
  • brown, black, etc.): Pale
  • Face shape (round, oval, chubby, thin, long, square, heart-shaped, etc.): Oval
  • General health (good, excellent, poor...): Excellent
  • Hairstyle
  • (long, short, crewcut, locs, bangs, side-part etc.): Shoulder Length
  • Natural hair texture
  • (thick, thin, wiry, smooth, wavy, curly, nappy, etc.): Thick
  • Natural hair color: Dark brown hair
  • Eye Color: Blue grey eyes